Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Alphabet Quilt


This is Toby’s Alphabet Quilt and the pattern is by Amy Bradley.  If you follow this link it will take you to Amy’s website and you will see that the pattern comes with a colouring book as well!  So cute!.


Toby did a wonderful job on appliqueing these cute characters with a blanket stitch.  She asked for dense background fill so I did pebbles and I used 100wt white Invisifil.  I stitched in the ditch around each character and letter.  She also requested a meandering alphabet in the black outer border with a bright variegated thread so I used a Lava variegated thread there.  That was fun to do!

Here are some close ups of the blocks.


You can see the meandering alphabet in the next pictures.


It is very windy today so this was the best shot I could manage to get of the whole quilt top.



So nice to see the sun shining after a week of rain and cool temperatures. 



  1. Absolutely adorable! Love the texture of the pebble quilting in the blocks! Well done!

  2. This is over the top adorable!!! The cute characters are so precious and the quilting is perfect. This quilt will be treasured for many years. ~Jeanne

  3. Tis is a gorgeous quilt for a child. The peebles in the background is such a good choice. Great quilting Kathy.

  4. Wow, there is a ton of work that has gone into this quilt! Great job, girls!!

  5. LOTS of pebbles but oh so cute! Love it!

  6. I love abc quilts!!!! I have stack of ideas for them and love this one.
    One of the things I do is mess up the order on the quilt so you have to look to find the next letter.

  7. Well that has to be the darn cutest quilt ever! Well done both of you. I am sure it will be a treasured keepsake.

  8. It's absolutely adorable! Such a lot of work!

  9. What a super cute quilt! Isn't it fun to quilt something that makes you smile as you stitch? Great job, both of you!