Monday, July 17, 2017

Update on the Move


So I just got back from a week long house hunting trip to Emo, Ontario which is going to be our new hometown soon. Its a very cute little town with a population of 1,300 and is right on the Rainy River which borders with the States.  The main business area is right on the waterfront and is very inviting.  There is a river walk and up on the street level they have four decks to enjoy the view from, one has stairs down to the river.    I will apologize for the quality of some of these photos as I used my phone for a few!


Now to the good news… we bought a house!    No it’s not on a lake, and no it doesn’t have a great view (yet) but the house is perfect for our family.  Best of all it has a huge room in the basement for my longarm!! I can finally have my sewing machines and fabric all in one room!    If you are curious and want to check out the listing you’ll find it here.  The listing doesn’t show the new quilting room but is what they called the ‘game room’ in the listing.   It is in a relatively new subdivision with about 70 lots but only 10 house build on it so far, the house is two years old.  We will have a green space to the north and east, and have a few neighbours to the south side.  Only thing it didn’t have on our check list was a garage so we will build one next year.    We do not get possession until Oct 2 and have to be out of our house here on Sept 1 so will have to put the longarm in storage for a month with the rest of the furniture. That’s not too bad! Gives me plenty time to plan my new quilting room! Glad the company Tim now works for gave us a rental house until we get possession so we are not homeless for a month!

new house

We explored a lot of the area last week and Tim noticed an areas just off the highway about 5km from our new house that is a heron nesting ground! I wish I had my big zoom lens but my regular lens would have to do!    I had been told that herons nest high up in the trees but have never seen this before. Well I couldn’t believe how many nests there were in this one small area. There had to be a least 20 nests and most had herons in them!  Here is the view from the highway and I zoomed in on a few.  The noise from the herons were quite loud and I even saw two in a bit of a scuffle.   It will be fun to capture this again next year with the right equipment!


We also drove about 40 km north to a few lakes and I think I’ll be quite happy kayaking these lakes next summer!    Not right out my door anymore but not too far away.


I also brought along a quilt with me to bind, it is a Quarter Sections quilt that I made as a class sample, so used it to audition locations for quilt pictures.  There is even public dock on the river I can use but it was too windy when I was there this time.    This quilt was made with purple batiks and I used Water Wings as the panto design.



  1. Wonderful news, and not to be homeless, there's a huge bonus. The new "quilting room" will be great, and a bedroom and bathroom all down there too, quilts can be auditioned on a bed right away!!.Well done, many congratulations, and I hope from now till September you can get all packing, disposing, saving and handling done in good time. Maybe your quilt is meant for your new home.

  2. That's good news so far. Now that you know where you will end up, you can have fun planning all the details of your new sewing room.

  3. Congratulations on getting a house! I'm sure the time between now and getting possession will fly by with all you have to do. Quarter Sections is beautiful! ~Jeanne

  4. Great news, looks like a wonderful place. Not too long before you are settled in and quilting again in your new sewing room.

  5. How exciting for you! Your basement quilting room looks to be nice and bright - and so much space!

  6. Your new home looks gorgeous, Kathy! And Emo looks like a wonderful place to call home. I wish you many years of happiness there.

  7. Congratulations! A nice small town, river side.....sounds pretty yummy!

  8. Beautiful! No need to apologize for the phone camera--isn't that what most of us use nowadays?! Best wishes for your new home and quilting community!

  9. What a great house! Nice to have a bit of space around you. Exciting changes, for sure. Congratulations and good luck!

  10. Congratulations on a beautiful new home and welcome to Ontario! Looks like lots of wonderful space and tons of quilt photo ops. Your Quarter Sections quilt is as pretty as your new home. Wishing you an easy move.