Friday, August 4, 2017

Viking Quilt


I have been finding a bit of time for my own quilting projects between all this moving business and started a quilt for my sister who turned 50 this year.  The pattern is called Islendingadagurinn by Fabriculous.which is a quilt shop in Gimli, Manitoba.  I loved this quilt the first moment I saw it in their shop window and knew it would be perfect for my sister so I bought the kit.  I showed her the quilt top yesterday and she loved it!  But it might be awhile before she gets the finished quilt!


You may have noticed the blank block in the center!  That is for a special design that the pattern designers ( Wendy and George) are working on and they just emailed the first draft so I will share that once it is done. 


I have also been finding time to enjoy our last summer at the lake.