Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Guild Round Robin 2014


This quilt has a great story, it was our quilt guilds 2014 Round Robin project.  We each made a center block and it was then passed around each month with a new set of instructions for others to build onto it.   I had the quilt top sitting in my studio for a long time and even loaded it on my longarm once but then took it off as I had no clue how to quilt it.   Then an opportunity came along that seemed to be the perfect solution.  My friend Lori, who is a longarm quilter and my Highway 10 Designs partner, owed me a favor!  I thought it would be nice to have something quilted by her so asked if she was up to the challenge. She agreed and I said ‘no rush’ as I wanted her to enjoy quilting it.  She had it at her place for about a year and then when she found out I was moving thought it would be nice for me to have it to show at my last guild meeting so it arrived quilted a few weeks ago!  I was so thrilled with how she quilted it, the ruler work in the center, the Nemeshing around the Celtic applique, it was perfect!  And best of all I have a sample of her work on one of my quilts!


I added the binding last week and then brought it to my last guild meeting yesterday for Show and Tell.   I have been a member of our guild for 19 years and was one of the founding members so it was very hard to say goodbye to this group of amazing ladies.  At our July meeting they had a Going Away party for me with a potluck supper and special Show and Tell  where all the members shared either stories, quilts I quilted for them or of how I have helped or inspired them over the years.   It was very emotional for me as these are the  ladies that trusted me with quilting their quilts long before I had my longarm and was still learning.  They are the reason I have developed my skills over the years and why I bought a longarm.  I will miss them so much but I know I will see many of them again at Retreats, Quilt Shows and I might even drive the 1,200km back to go to their Quilt Show next year.


Now back to more pictures of Lori’s fabulous quilting! 



My next challenge with the move is hoping that I can register my business name in Ontario as I have to cancel my Manitoba business registration.  So far everything is going very well with the move and we even get to move into our new house sooner than first planned.  Our new move in date is Sept 6 so we are thrilled with that change as it was originally Oct 2.  This weekend I take down my longarm, I have been procrastinating doing this job but it has to be done.  At least now I can set it up again sooner!



  1. So pretty, Kathy...from the fabric to the piecing to the quilting!! Take care.

  2. She did an amazing job! It's just gorgeous and will be a forever memory!

  3. Three years ago I had to stage our house for sale. The dining room in our little house had to be cleared out, taking apart the mid-arm, and packing up all the sewing related items. It had a very good cleaning in the process. Best of luck to you!

  4. Beautiful quilting on your round robin. What a great momento. Best wishes for your move. You can do this.

  5. What a great quilt, so many special memories stitched into this one.

  6. These round robins are so interesting, all the participants did a great job. It's really a lovely quilt and Lori did it justice! Nice choices all around, it's hard to leave old friends. Good luck on all your moving work ahead.

  7. Your Round Robin quilt is beautiful, and will give you years of beautiful memories. Best wishes for your move!

  8. Lori did a great job quilting that round robin quilt! It would be lovely hanging in your new quilting room.
    I hope that all goes well with your move. Such an adventure!

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  10. What a beautiful quilt and with so much meaning. That's exactly what quilts do... tell a story. It must be so bittersweet with the excitement of new beginnings but leaving behind such a wonderful community. Thank goodness for the internet and your blog to stay in touch always. Looks like a 1200 km. commute would be very worthwhile! 8) Good luck with your move and welcome to Ontario!

  11. Ugh, I'm moving too, but just to the next parcel of land, 100 m away. We built a new house there, sold our other house after 13 months! So, a close move, but as this is my 6th house in the past twelve years, I'm soooo done. Not moving again for at least 10-15 years. Have fun in your new community. I really enjoy your blog.

  12. You're quilts are beautiful! I'm starting my first quilt I'm so happy I found this blog! So inspiring! ��

  13. i really likes your blog!
    You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.