Sunday, October 21, 2018

Four Patch and Road Trip Quilts


Vicki brought me a few quilts and I two ready to share.  The first one is a Four Patch quilt in lovely modern floral fabrics.  She thought swirls would nice for quilting on it so I picked Fascination as it fit the scale of the large blocks.  I used apple green So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.vc2vc3

This is Vicki’s second quilt called Road Trip and since it is for a boy I used Popcorn for the panto.  Beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream blend batting.


So the weather has finally improved here, nice sunny skies but the wind has been crazy. We actually had a few shingles blow off our roof so Tim was up there today putting them back on!  So that means I had to come up with a new plan for quilt photos since I can’t get any outdoor pictures.  At Christmas last year Tim bought me a backdrop stands and I found that the round bar that it came with was not the best for hanging quilts on.  So this weekend Tim created holders to add to the stands so I could use a 1x2 board to clamp the quilts to and also have it extend out so the legs on the stand could be hidden. Works great! I can hang any size quilt and hide the stand behind it. Only down side is moving furniture in the living room to set it up as that room has the best natural light and then I have to take it down.


I also found these great skinny clamps at Menards that work perfect!



  1. Super quilts, and what a great stand with those tripod legs, clamps that will hold any quilt just right. Clever man!!! A great gift.

  2. Thanks for the closeup of the adaptation Tim made to your stand. A picture is worth a thousand words. Great quilts and quilting, too.