Friday, October 19, 2018

Quarter Sections ‘Funanimal’ Quilt


I saw this sweet fabric collection called “Funanimals”by Maude Asbury at Up North Quilt Shop last month so I bought enough to make a baby Quarter Sections quilt.  You can find a link to our pattern at our Highway 10 Designs Etsy shop here.  I quilted it with the Water Wings pantograph and used white So Fine thread. The batting is Quilters Dream Puff which is great for a baby quilt as it is so warm and cuddly.



I am happy to report our landscaping for the front yard is done. When we moved into our house last year the  yard was just sand/gravel and weeds. So we hired a landscaper to lay some sod in the front yard and south side, plant a maple tree, install bricks for a flower bed, install a brick landing and brick trim between the drive way and sod.  We also had them add river rock along the house on the south side as well as around our culverts on the driveway.  Yesterday my son and I finished filling the flower bed with dirt so it is now ready for plants next spring!


Here are some before and after pictures.

before1after1before2after4 (2)

It is so nice to finally have a lawn.  Its the simple things that make me happy! Can’t wait to plant all the shrubs and flowers next year!



  1. We are moving to another home too, but built in 1951. Solid native timber. The current owners do not do gardening much, and we will need some work done there. Love your edging and the maple tree, I have one in a large tub, and it is just starting to green up.

  2. Sweet baby quilt! Love the panto you used. And the landscaping looks like an amazing transformation!