Friday, March 1, 2019

Curved Nine Patch

This is Coleen's Curved Nine Patch quilt and the pattern is by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  She asked for custom quilting and I was able to quilt it with two different thread colours.  An off white So Fine thread in the background and a gold So Fine thread in the Nine patches and outer border.  Batting is Quilters Dream Blend batting.

I quilted free hand CC's in the Nine patch blocks and stitched in the ditch around all the curved piecing using my 15" Quilted Pineapple curved template.  I added pebbles in the background with a curved echo on either side.  Did wishbone loops in the melon background shape and more CC's in the sashing corner stone.  The outer border has traditional feathers..

It has been so windy here but I did manage to get a few outdoor shots to see the quilting texture better.


  1. Wow!! Stunning work to both of you!!

  2. What a pretty quilting job to finish it into a stunning quilt. I've always loved your work, and I'm about to take down the winter quilt from our big wall and hang that rose cottage quilt up that you did for me a few years ago (with the picket fence border and the little dog that you put in on the central block's lawn) :)

  3. Very pretty quilting for the quilt design. Light, airy, and stylin'!

  4. I went to Sew Kind of Wonderful and cannot find the pattern. Help, please. Thanks

  5. I cannot find the pattern on Sew Kind of Wonderful either. Thanks

    1. Its called Urban Nine Patch and is one Sew Kind of Wonderful's website for sale, just checked!