Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hawaiian Applique


I picked up this great Hawaiian Applique kit when I was in Hawaii in November.  We had stopped at a cute quilt shop in Kona called Ohana Quilt Works and they had a laser cutting machine so made their own kits. It was hard to pick one so I got 3!  I gave one to Lori and you can see hers completed at her blog post  here.  

I started mine this winter and hand appliqued the design while on a road trip with my husband back in March when we could travel. It then sat waiting to be quilted which finally happened yesterday. I decided to pebble the whole background as I wanted it to be a pillow and love the feel of pebbles. If I was going to make it a wall hanging I might have taken the extra time to echo quilt it like the traditional Hawaiian appliques are done. I'm saving the last kit, which is a Pineapple block, to do on our next road trip, but that could be awhile!

This design is called Ulu or Breadfruit and the block is 18".


  1. I know that I have a kit from Hawaii purchased umpteen years ago, wonder if I can find it? Yours turned out beautifully, congratulations!

  2. Just lovely, so pretty. What a great remembrance of your trip to Hawaii.