Thursday, August 27, 2020

More Water Bottle Slings


I have spent the last week making more 'Walker's Water Bottle Slings' as they are so addictive to sew and make perfect gifts. I have a lot of friends turning 50 this year and they hinted they really liked this bag!   I am so glad I bought a few metres of natural linen last year as it has come in handy for making these bags.  I hit the local second hand shop and bought a bunch of purses with the right sized hardware to make these bags as I am too impatient to order hardware online!

I even dug into my iced dyed stash to make one, the other two are batiks.

I still have been enjoying taking pictures of the hummingbirds in my yard this summer. I noticed a few weeks ago that one really like to play in our sprinkler when I set it up.  So the other day I turned it on and got my camera out. The little bird did not disappoint!  She played in the water for about 5 minutes and looked so happy!


  1. Ok. There. I bought the pattern! I think these will really come in handy. Thanks, Kathy!

  2. Sweet photos of your joyous hummingbird!

  3. Those water bottle slings make a great gift. Your photos of the hummingbird are precious! He looks so content!

  4. Yes, even humming birds enjoy a good shower!