Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So i would like to say how hard it is to quilt feathers and how time consuming it is but that would be a lie ....it is fun and relative quick to do...but don't get me wrong there was 'picking' involved in this learning process. You know i like to preach 'practice, practice, practice' when it comes to quilting and i'm glad my client said is was okay for me to try something new (for me) on her quilt. The only thing i used a stencil for was the three center designs, i can't do a feather circle...yet :)


  1. Not sure I like feathers but it looks nice.. Great job!

  2. Does that mean i can't put feathers ALL OVER your quilt??

  3. HUM NO Please. I am going to be mailing this week. Should take about 15 days give or take a few. I'll let you know when I ship. It is coming regular post as I didn't want to spend over 200$$ on getting it to you!