Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer in the Park

Yesterday was your first rain day and it looks like the rest of the weekend will be rainy too so that means time to sew!
I have started piecing a quilt called Summer in the Park. I first saw this on Suzan's blogs in June and just fell in love with this pattern.  Then when I searched this pattern name I found a YouTube video on how to make it, what luck!

So I used a bali pop and dyed some light blue background fabric and cut it into 2 1/2" strips.  I don't need to get into more details on how to make it as the YouTube video has it all.

Now that I have all the blocks done it shouldn't take long to put it together.

We have had a great week, warm weather, lots of swimming and just being lazy!
The lake has finally warmed up so I can get in to cool off but the boys have been much braver and been swimming for a few weeks now.

This is the thermometer we leave in the lake, once it hits 70' I can get in. I have never seen it over 76'.  You might think this thermometer going up to 260' is over kill but you can never be too optimistic! :)  I think it is an antique as my dad had it at his cottage and he wasn't one for buying new if he didn't have to. I'm pretty sure this one was from his lab as he was a chemist and I'm sure someone was going to throw it out and he rescued it.

Here are a few shots of the boys just relaxing in the water.
Hope you are having a great summer or winter if your down under!


  1. love the colors of those blocks.
    Your boys are the picture of relaxation! :)

  2. I checked out Suzan's Blog, and I love the how the quilts looks when the blocks are together.

  3. I found that You Tube video months ago and placed it in my favorites. Like you I too fell in love with this pattern. The Missouri Quilt Company has some great videos and are great to deal with. I bought from them before. You are one ambitious gal! Another quilt in the making, wow! I know it will look lovely when done. C

  4. I too have placed this quilt pattern in my favorites. I have been staying with my earth tone colors lately, but need to venture off into the blues... they are so pretty! Your lake is a lot warmer than mine... but after a sauna it is quite nice! G

  5. Is that lake right by your house...if so WOW!! What a beautiful place to live! How fun for your boys!! Like your blocks.. modern :)

  6. I am loving that photo of your son with his face in the water! Such a great photo.