Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pedal to the Metal…Our Second Pattern!


I’m thrilled to finally show you Pedal to the Metal, a quilt pattern by Highway 10 Designs which is a quilt design company I share with Lori Suss.   For this pattern we wanted to focus on creating quilts that were simple and fast to piece and have options for making twin to king size quilts.   We’ve included three different designs in one pattern with the third having a pieced border.  We know may quilters like the option for adding a border especially on a bed sized quilt.  The pattern is available to download in PDF form in our Craftsy shop and our Etsy shop.  We hope to have a paper version printed in the next month.

The first quilt design in our pattern has a woven look from a distance, the narrow outer strips give that illusion.  Lori pieced and quilted this one with the Mimosa panto.  We used batik fabrics and Quilters Dream Blend batting in all three quilts.


The second quilt design in our pattern reverses the outer two strips creating a completely different look.  I pieced and quilted this one using the Bayside panto.


The third quilt design is our favourite as we incorporated a small diamond element in the blocks and floating in the border.  Our friend Robin pieced this quilt top for us and I quilted it with the Whirlygig panto.


Here is the cover for our pattern…it was quite an adventure to get these pictures taken.  First Lori and I live in two different towns 550km apart so that meant a road trip for me!   Luck for me her guild was having a quilt show this weekend so I got to meet some wonderful people and see some amazing quilts.  I was hoping to get the photos for our cover done before leaving home but it was raining so much I couldn’t take any.  So I brought all the quilts with me to Lori’s and once all the quilt show activities were over we had one day to get the job done.  We drove around town looking for the best location and stopped at the Fort Dauphin Museum.  The Museum was closed but they have this great post fence all around the grounds.  

cover pedal12

It was quite the challenge getting a picture with all three quilts in a portrait oriented shot but we did it.   We had to get a bit creative to get this picture and Lori can now brag she is on the cover of our pattern!  So glad I took this picture to prove it!  :)


Another challenge was the wind!  We became pretty good at catching quilts. :)


Lori snapped a picture of me at work which was a surprise as she hates taking pictures!  You can see how challenging this job was with the wind!


Feels good to have our second pattern under our belts and we have a few more in the works.  But now it’s time to get back to quilting as I have a busy month ahead of me.


  1. Congratulations Kathy! The quilts are beautiful and you did a great job with the photos! So exciting to have published patterns!

  2. Looks like it was a productive day! Pictures of the quilts are great , especially the one of Lori ! I look forward to using this pattern!

  3. I love it!!! Will definitely be purchasing one. Good luck!!!

  4. Great patterns! And thanks for the chuckle of Lori holding up that quilt.

  5. Beautiful pictures of beautiful quilts. The fence (and Lori) worked out wonderfully. Pedal to the Medal is a winner. Congratulations!

  6. Love the pattern!!!!!
    You have been missing in action, so now we know why.

  7. Great pattern, Kathy! Love the versatility of the designs. Keep them coming! :-)

  8. Great pattern! Nice to know the history behind some of the great pictures.Not as easy as it seems eh? :-) Congratulations on your second pattern.

  9. Hey, this is a really neat pattern, you guys! I love the subtle differences.

  10. Wow Kathy, fabulous patterns, love the one with the pieced border......good luck to you and Lori......

  11. Congrats Kathy! Love the colors you chose and the photography setting is perfect!