Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter Blessings Quilt


This is Rae’s Winter Blessings quilt and it is a pattern by Primitive Gatherings.  All the snowman are created with wool and Rae hand appliqued all the pieces with a beautiful button hole stitch.   We decided it needed wool batting it keep with the traditional feel of the project and give it a lofty soft look.   Rae will be using this quilt on the back of her couch in the winter so it will be a great way to keep warm in our cold winters.


I quilted curled feathers in the outer border, a swirl in the inner border and stitched in the ditch in the sashing piecing.  Since this is a couch quilt I didn’t want to quilt the background of the block to heavy so in the corner and center blocks I quilted wavy vertical lines to add movement of snow falling and in the remaining four blocks I quilted horizontal swirly wavy lines to create a windy night sky look.


If you want to see another beautiful Winter Blessings quilt check out Linda’s here.


We had a dusting of snow yesterday so thought I better take a few pictures of the quilt on the snow too.



  1. Super cute snowmen and what a perfect time to have a dusting of snow!

  2. It is so cute. Wonderful work.
    Grit from Germany

  3. Beautiful!!! I love the curled feathers on the border!