Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chic Sisters Quilt and a New Bernina!


A few weeks ago I started piecing a fun pattern called Chic Sisters by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  If you are a regular blog reader you know I love those patterns and the Quick Curve Ruler.  I bought a bunch of Zen Chic ‘Modern Background Essentials’ for this quilt at Fabriculous and got right to work on this quilt.  Well I guess I was too excited piecing it as I didn’t notice I had lost one of the light background fat quarters and then I cut one of the dark background fabrics wrong and it said right in the pattern ( they even underlined it)  to make sure “all fabrics are right side up before cutting”. Whoops!  Forgot to turn one pile and ruined that fabric.  So I was one light block short and one dark block short.  Drat!  Then I found the light fat quarter I was missing at the back of a drawer!


So a quick call to my favorite fabric shop Fabriculous and they came to my rescue and cut up what I needed!  While I was making that order I thought why not buy a new Bernina while I was at it!   Okay I had been eyeing it for awhile now and they just came out with the cutest design on it so how could I resist…I mean it has Dandelions on it!  And its blue and grey…it  matches my quilt!   Look how pretty she is and she quilts like a dream. I needed a new lighter weight machine to take to retreats and guild UFO days as my Janome is so heavy. 


So now I have a new machine and fabric to finish this quilt top.  Yeah it’s pieced!


Now to figure out how to quilt it and find the time!



  1. I like your quilt top, but I'm intrigued by your Bernina. I've also been starting to look for a lighter sewing machine. Will you please let us know how you like it after you use it a bit?

  2. It's beautiful! I haven't done any curved piecing in a really long time. I'm a little afraid of it, and avoid it all all cost.

  3. Очень красиво и аккуратно. Мне захотелось сшить такой же квилт.

  4. That's a really lovely quilt. I like the gradient you've got going.

  5. Love your quilt! Can't wait to see how you quilt it. I have that ruler and have tried it once. You're inspiring me to get going on another one.

  6. I love your quilt. I need to think more out of the box and try something like that. I love all my Bernina's (3). LOL