Thursday, March 2, 2017

City Slicker #10


This is Sherron’s City Slicker quilt and she used a Lucien jelly roll from the L’s Modern Basic collection along with a white background fabric.   I used the Water Wing pantograph, white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


The Northern Lights were active again for a short time last night and the sky was clear.  It was –30’c so I didn’t stay out long.



  1. Wow! Amazing quilt and quilting :) The quilting really
    makes the quilt flow. Awesome Northern Lights.
    Thank you so much for taking photos of these beautiful inspirational
    quilts and lights.

  2. In a world of many blogs and sites to read, I have to tell you that I Always look at your posts! Your photos are really lovely with your picturesque home background and I admire your quilting. The northern lights photos you have captured are spectacular. Thanks!

  3. Another wonderful choice of fabrics for City Slicker, and again, we are so thankful and happy to see your Northern Lights, -30, does it get colder?

  4. Fun quilt! Looks yummy in the snow! Those northern lights...sooooooo neat! Thanks so much for sharing, your chilly sacrifice is very much appreciated!

  5. What a stunning quilt, and the quilting suits it so well! Thanks so much for the pictures of the Lights - we don't often get to see them in s.w. Ontario.

  6. Stunning sky! Thank you for posting your photos for us "southerners", here in Massachusetts.