Monday, October 9, 2017

Poolside Tote


I spent an afternoon this week making the Poolside Tote. I had purchased the pattern and fabric last year at Fabriculous and thought it would be the perfect project to get back into sewing.   The pattern is by Noodlehead and the fabrics are Lewis&Irene’s “Threaded with Love” and “Grandma’s Garden” which is the fabric with the tiny gnomes, so cute!  I used Annie’s Soft and Stable instead of batting and it give the bag a lot of shape, very happy with that product.  As I was taking these pictures along the back of our property I noticed there were two horses in the field out back. I hope to be able to get a few pictures of them when they wander down to our end. 



This week Tim made two batting holders for my batting rolls as I wanted them to stand vertical in the two corners in my room.  I got the idea from Pinterest but the holders I saw were made with a 1x1 as a center post which was just held onto the base with one screw, not very sturdy.  So Tim beefed it up using plumbing fixtures. They are made with 1 1/4” galvanized flange and a 18” x 1 1/4” threaded galvanized pipe so is very strong.   Now no worries about it breaking off as I lift the batting on and off it.


Tim also added four more pot lights to my sewing room so it is much brighter!  I bought a folding table and added 12” PVC pipe to the legs for height, a trick I learnt from my guild in Flin Flon, and it makes a great temporary cutting table.  I plan on getting lower kitchen cabinets for this nook which will be my cutting area and storage for my clients quilts. I’ve picked out a nice grey cabinet and hope to order that this week.

cutting table

cutting table2

I found all the boxes with my fabric stash and filled up one cabinet…looks like I have room for more fabric!  Guess I better go shopping!   :)


This was the Thanksgiving long weekend here and my SIL and MIL came for a visit, our first visitors and it was nice to have family here for the holiday.  We drove them around the area and enjoyed the fall colours, and found a lake or two that I hope to explore more of next  year!




  1. Sounds like you are settling in well.


  2. What a brilliant idea for holding your bolts of batting upright. Mine tends to sag as it leans into the corner of my room.
    The fall colors are so pretty. I certainly miss that now that I'm living further north.

  3. Hello Tamarack Shack! Nice to see you again and settling down into new surroundings, a strange business sometimes before we get comfortable. As a Brit in France I am confused by your Thanksgiving weekend in October? Something Canadian I imagine.

  4. Lovely bag, and a great place for you to be out on the water again. Having a super handyman in the family is a big bonus.

  5. Nice job on the Bag. Your sewing/longarm area is going to be sooo nice. Lots of room. Glad you are settling in OK.

  6. Looks like your new home is coming together. It always helps to have family and visitors and making new memories to make you feel at home. You'll need to go through all the seasons to do that too. Southern Ontario colours are lovely. Looks like your new house has a great open feel, enjoy.

  7. How nice that you're settling. Looks like you're in a pretty area. What fun you'll have exploring more. I truly love that tote and am going to show it to my daughter, who is a bag lady, to see if she likes it!