Monday, May 21, 2018

Interview with APQS


A few weeks ago I was approached by APQS to do an interview on ‘Running a Longarm Business’.  I quilt on a 2008 APQS Millennium so was happy to contribute to this series of articles.  They published the article on their blog here last week so thought some of you might be interested in reading it, especially  if you are considering starting a longarm business in the future.  I share a lot of information on how I got started and what my business has grown into over 9 years.  I took a few pictures of my studio which is still a work in progress.  The walls are still a bit bare so I taped up a few quilts on the wall, shhhh that’s our secret! LOL!



I haven’t done any quilting this past week as I had a trip to Winnipeg and then a weekend trip to the States with Tim for our 23nd Anniversary. I did discover a few new quilt shops to me and even picked up this colourful collection of modern fabrics for a new project.   I can’t believe how I am really starting to like these modern and bright fabrics, I’m usually so drawn to batiks but sometimes a change is good!


And now that the weather is feeling more like summer I have been enjoying riding my new bike around the area.  Love the big seat on my Verza Cruz and I even have matching shoes when I go riding! LOL!



  1. Congratulations! Great article about you and your business on the APQS blog.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt made with those beautiful fabrics. The colours are fantastic.

  2. Your studio is beautiful with all those quilts hanging up there for inspiration and loveliness. Sometimes it takes company coming to make us make our homes the way they are supposed to be. Congratulations on being featured!

  3. I just read the article. Wow! that is really magnificent quilting in all of these quilts!

  4. Your quilting space is just great...and NEAT!!! Loved reading the article. Where is your APQS dealer?

  5. I enjoyed reading a bit more about you & your thriving business. I love your studio, that would be my dream, until that day comes I am happy in the dinning room. Like me you started out quilting for others using your domestic machine too and for about the same length of time. I just saw you are IG, so now I follow you there hugs xx

  6. Question-do you need drawer inserts to hold the thread spools in the Alex cabinets? Do all spools fit in the drawers? I have been looking for a place to hold my threads, this looks great.
    Great to read the APQS article, good for you. Always enjoy seeing your posts pop into my email.