Sunday, August 19, 2018

Summertime Activities


Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!   I haven’t been doing much quilting this month but did entered a few quilts, cross stitch and photos in my first Agricultural Fair last week.   I didn’t realize that they picked a best of show and that it gets to go onto the district and possibly provincial competitions.  I entered my Dresden Plate in the Large Machine quilted category so it was a nice surprise to see the ribbon. I entered 7 quilts in 7 different categories and received 4 first and 3 seconds.  My cross stitch pictures and photos did well too. Here are some pictures from the exhibit.




I’m sure you can guess which photo is mine in this next picture.



Had some fun taking pictures of the midway rides in the evening last night too, no I didn’t ride them!


We did a bit of traveling around our new area this  month.   Tim and I drove down to Duluth but stopped at Kakabeka Falls and Thunder Bay first.


We have a friend come to visit so we explored the local area some more and checked out a walking trail along the Rainy River.


There is a herd of Bison near by but hard to get photos of as most where laying in the grass to protect themselves from all the flies.  Poor guys!


I know many areas across Canada and the US are very smoky from all the forest fires, we are here too.  Its been very dry and my yard is full of large cracks!


The smoke turned the moon a dark red last night too.

fire moon2 (2)

We have also been finishing our new garage now that the contractor has done his part, we decided to insulation and drywall it ourselves to save money. Next we need to landscape the yard as it was trenched to put the gas and electrical in and its a mess!  So our summer has been a good mix of work and play!  I’m looking forward to getting back to quilting in September but I still have 2 more weeks of holidays and more friends to visit!



  1. Love your midway rides pictures! Now I want to quilt them. And your photo of the Northern Lights is beautiful as well. I love country agricultural fairs. I used to enter lots in the Swan Valley Fair in Swan River.

  2. Wow! Congratulations on all your fair awards. Your work is always top notch and I am glad your talent got recognized. No trouble at all identifying your photo. Glad you are getting to do some travelling and exploring in the area. Great pictures of the midway rides. This how I like to enjoy them. No amount of convincing or encouragement will get me on them but I love how they look, especially at night. Take care.

  3. Netting to stop fingering or taking I guess. The rides, I would give that a total miss, and love the Northern Lights photo. Congrats on all prizes and ribbons, your work so deserves every one.

  4. I remember when you posted that particular Northern Lights picture, it was so beautiful. All those photos were gorgeous, and I really enjoyed seeing them because I will probably never actually see the Northern Lights for myself.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new area.

  5. Congratulations! As I said before, you are an inspiration to me! Your Northern Lights pictures are so beautiful. I am glad you are enjoying my favorite state, Minnesota. We lived there for 25 years.

  6. Yayyy for the rosette. Not exactly sure which was your photo - heh heh heh! ;) A very interesting layout to view the exhibits. And the fairground pics are fun.

    It has been a parched year, thankfully a little respite here - walking is more pleasant. The trail also looks lovely and cool to walk along. Oooh so many nice photos in your post - thank you.

  7. You have had a busy summer! Always enjoy your photos and projects, Thank you again!

  8. Congratulations on all your fair ribbons. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful photos in your posts!