Friday, December 6, 2019

Black Sand, Sea Turtles and Manta Rays

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach is on the south end of the Big Island and was one highlight on our trip.   Black sands of volcanic glass created when the lava reaches the sea and instantly cools causing it to shatter into tiny fragments.  It has a sharper feel to walk on than coral sand beaches around the island.  My feet never felt smoother after walking it for about an hour!  lol

A common site at this beach are the sea turtles and there was one for us to see.  They have them protected behind barriers to keep from getting too close.  Most beaches have signs say 'stay 3m or 10m back from the turtles'.

Here he is having a little snooze in the nice warm black sand.


Well that woke him up! lol

Another highlight of our trip was a double haul canoe paddle out to see the Manta Rays after sunset.  Paddle, sunset and manta rays...that's my kind of adventure!   The area around Keauhou Bay is were we went, right in front of the Sheraton Hotel.  Back in the 80's the hotels bar started shining lights into the water and they soon noticed the Manta Rays swimming around the lights.  The lights were attracting plankton and the Manta Rays feed on the plankton.  So since then each evening the bay is full of snorkelers and canoes each with their lights.   We saw about 4 different Rays and I wasn't expecting them to circle up like they did as they fed, it was very cool!

( Video now works!)

For my next post I'll share my night time photography.

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