Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Lug Nuts at the Speedway

Gail finished her Lug Nuts quilt that was a Sew Along project at Up North Quilt Shop this winter.  I just loved the purple batiks she chose, they really show off the pattern so nicely.  Since Gail lives in Emo, like I do, I thought I would take her quilt to the Emo Speedway for the photos.  I don't think I have taken pictures here for my blog and this is the perfect quilt to highlight this location.

So Emo is a pretty small town, its actually not even a town but a township. But it has its own speedway and it's right in the center of town.  See Google maps image below!   I know most places have speedways a few kilometres from town. Not here! LOL!  I can hear the cars racing and the announcers over the loud speaker from my house!  Good thing we enjoy stock car racing and that it is only Saturday nights in the summer.  Doubt there will be racing this summer and that will be missed. 

 There are actually three tracks here.  Go-cart in the center, Stock car and then the outer track is for horse racing.

I used a pantograph on Gail's quilt called Taro and used light purple So Fine thread.  The batting is Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Gail saved her extra triangles and inset them into the backing like the pattern suggestions.  When I measured her backing I realized I could make the inset design run horizontal or vertical and we decided on horizontal.

This was a fun location to take pictures and show off Gail's quilt! Wonder if any of the other quilters have finished their Lug Nuts from the Sew Along?    


  1. Perfectly wonderful, the quilt, fabric choices and what a super place for a photo shoot.

  2. And so appropriate for a quilt called Lug Nuts to hang out at a speedway. :)