Friday, June 12, 2009

Thimbleberry Deja Vu

This is the second one of these Thimbleberry quilt i've done on the longarm for a client. I have two more waiting there turn in the Shack. I have challenge myself to quilt them differently and try new patterns on each one. But there is a few areas that really call for a particular designs, like the green and beige checkers really look great with Continous Curves so they will all be done like that. And of coarse all the chimneys will be brick!
I'm wondering if my client noticed the special 'goodie' i quilted in it to personalize it...she is an excellent baker!!


  1. hey kathy feel your pain on the mutilples of the same quilt thing. a LQS did a BOM in 2006 of baskets and to date i have quilted 16, and have 3 more in the closet....and i made everyone different and i'm quickly running outta ideas....

  2. Missed it the first time but found it on the second go round! You are good!