Friday, June 19, 2009

Yup....Another Contest!

The Kickass Quilting Shop in Plumas, MB is sponsering a contest that will be displayed at the Neepawa Lily Festival in July. So of coarse Lori sees these kits in there store when she was there this spring and buys one for us to do. The kit was 36 charm squares of christmas fabric and the rule was you had to have a piece of each square in the wall hanging. We pretty much stuck to Lori's first idea of a word being the center of the hanging and then i came up with the idea of miniature Magic Tiles for the border. Little did we know that it was take 4 afternoons to just piece the magic tiles! And if we (okay I) had read all of the instructions i wouldn't of developed the problem of 'why do i keep getting 2 of the same fabrics in one block...AAHHH!'
Once it was pieced i quilted it on my longarm and if you look at the Y in the close up picture you will see it is different than the final wall hanging...Lori made me pick out the bottom of the design in that didn't balance with the rest of the quilting! So being the good friend that i am i picked it out and redid it. And yes it did look better after!
Lori is already looking for our next contest....i wonder what she will find!

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