Friday, June 19, 2009

Fireside Fabric

A client brought me this quilt and i was worried that if i quilted it using the longarm i would ruin it. The backing fabric is Fireside, a very soft fuzzy fabric, and the top is a mix if cotton, chenelle and fireside. My concern was the back of the fireside is very slippery and with no batting (that would make it too heavy) how would it react to quilting? I shared my concerns with my client and she assured me that whatever i do will be fine. She even had the store she purchased the quilt kit from call me to let me know that their samples were quilted on a longarm. So with this information i gained some confidence to start quilting biggest fear is ruining someone's quilt!! I used a dark red thread and realized as i was quilting i couldn't see where i had just quilted....the thread just disappeared into the fireside fabric...even the white blocks! So i was quilting this one blind. I just did a row at a time so i knew where i had been and that seemed to help. Once i finished and took it off the frame i was happy to see that i didn't cross over any of my stitching, but i did come very close in a few spots!

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