Monday, February 15, 2010

Bazaar Quilt

Here is this years St.Ann's Church Bazaar raffle quilt.  It will be raffled in October and tickets will be available starting in June so you all get an early sneek peek at this beautiful lap sized quilt.  Yes it is the one that I ripped the feathers out of and I think you'll agree that the cross hatching is more suitable for this quilt.  I have to let you in on a little ripping tip.....I used a razor blade not my seam ripper to take out the feathers.  I unpinned the top and worked between the top and the batting with the blade and had all the stitches out in 2 hours.  I'm sure a seam ripper would have taken 8 hours.


  1. I do like this quilt! The cross hatching is a nice feature! You excel again! EM

  2. Have you ever used the (surgeon's) scapel ripper? I never liked the traditional seam rippers and once I discovered it I no longer dread ripping.