Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Don't I Listen

You know that little voice in the back of your head that you like to ignore because your having fun and don't want to stop and listen...well I should have listened.  I now have a weekend of picking threads to look forward too. Why does that voice always have to be RIGHT!  Or more to the point why do I not listen to that voice that I know is always right. 

The conversation went something like this..

Me- Oh feathers would look great in this border!
Voice -Feathers don't suit the fabric
Me- The thread color I picked looks great!
V -Feathers don't suit the fabric
Me-Wow...the tension is wonderful!
V-Feathers don't suit the fabric
Me-These feathers are turning out great!
V- YES but they don't suit the fabric!!!
Me- DONE the top border!   *stands back to admire work*    Hummmm...I can't really see the feathers and it kind of looks like scribbles on this fabric.....
V - Do i need to repeat myself.....
Me-*sigh*......were's the seam ripper.....*grumble grumble*

That voice also told me not to post a I'm listening to the voice!  You don't want to know if I'm picking beautiful feathers of YOUR quilt do you? 


  1. So I just have to ask (and you will know why!!) -- do you still like feathers????

  2. Oh I KNOW you do --- but the imp in me just had to comment!!!
    And you do such a great job with them that you are sloooowly converting me!!! EM

  3. I knew the first comment would be from EM. She can be quite the imp. Thinking of you this weekend as you and a seam ripper develop a close relationship. As for me, I will be headed towards warmer climes. Looking forward to seeing what will replace the feathers. A