Friday, February 26, 2010

Black, Red and White

There is something so striking about a black, red and white quilt.  The real head scratcher is what color of thread do you use??  When in doubt go with the color that blends in the best, in this case black was the winner ( dark sashing dark thread).   I have just pieced my own black, red and white quilt but the sashing is white so will probably go with white thread on that one. 
I originally planned to use a really nice music themed panto but it just looked like scribbles on the border so I stopped. After looking at all my pantos I realized that my tried and true Fasination panto would be perfect. It always adds the right texture and movement to a quilt.
So there is a quick end to my fabric venture story.   Lori and I headed down to The Pas today to see the fabric and talk deals with the manager.   I was pleasently surprised at how many fabric I liked and how well they would be for backing but once it came down to the numbers it just wasn't feasible for me to purchase it.  They only have their fabric on sale for 25% off.....seems kind of odd if you trying to clear it out.  Anyway I feel good I stuck to my plan.....I was only going to buy at a certain price and that just wasn't going to happen so....NO DEAL!  
I still need backings for my quilts i have another idea!

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  1. This striking quilt is now dancing to the music! Great job!