Saturday, April 17, 2010

Springtime Project

The snow if finally gone and around our place that only means one thing...time to start our spring projects. This year that was to rip out the old dock and build a new one.  So while the ice was still on the lake this week we ( ...okay Tim) took apart the old dock and today we took out the rest of the deck on the shore that it was attached to.  As we stood and admired our hard work and planned the new design for the dock I noticed a small rock (that has been driving me crazy for the last 13 years) sticking out of the sand.  "Dear, if we move that rock out of there we will have room for our deck box".   Now around here "Dear, move that rock" is a very common phase as our yard seemed to be dumping ground for those ancient glaciers.  So we started digging and digging and as suspected we need to get out the 'special' rock moving tools.  If you ever need to move a large rock ( and do not own a backhoe) a set of tire chains and a come-a-long works wonders!  We have moved many a rocks this way.
So while this was going on the boys thought they would tempt fate and play on the ice!  I was positive one of them was going to be joining the Polar Bear club when they where sinking large chunks of ice by standing on them but no such luck...I mean that's good  ;)
Daniel ended up changing his boots a few time from water going over the tops and ended up with a pair of Tim's in the end.  

Aren't they cute!!
I have been quilting since the show and just need to take the quilts to the clients before I post any pictures.   Today was 19'C so how could I quilt on the first warm day of the year.

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