Thursday, April 22, 2010

Embroidered Signature Quilt

I was very touched when my client trusted me to quilt this Signature Quilt that her 87 year old aunt had embroidered by hand.  She had family members sign the blocks and she embroidered over the signatures so each persons unique hand writing style would be remembered.  Then she added the oak leave and acorn motif to each block and I have to say my clients aunt is a very skillful embroider.  With this being a family heirloom I knew the quilting should not be the focus and I did my best to highlight her work by not over quilting it. I quilted free hand oak leaves in the outer border and then a swirl and leave in the sashing in an orange thread.  The background fill is a 3's and E's pattern that looks like clouds or wind around the embroidery making it the embroidery stand out.
I have a new spot for taking neighbours clothes line!  Nothing beats natural light.


  1. I had noticed the new venue for photographing the last post and was really impressed with the lighting and setting. I guess you will just have to limit photography to "no wash days" and stay on good terms with the neighbours. Great job with the quilting. What a beautiful heirloom. I know the neice is going to be thrilled and from what we have heard about the aunt, she will be equally thrilled. A

  2. Hi Kathy, What a great job you've done on this very special signature quilt, subtle but really effective. I love the E3's, very pretty. Isn't that embroidery gorgeous. Truly an heirloom. Awesome work!