Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Progress

I completed all 120 blocks and most of them were close to 8 1/2" square so now they are all 8 1/4" square.   I think trying to stretch some block to make them fit will cause more problems when it comes time to quilt so I gave them all just a trim.  On this pattern it doesn't matter if they are a bit smaller, I'm not chopping off any points.
So the only trouble I encountered so far was yesterday I realized I was missing 24 beige corner pieces...I know I cut them since i had the right amount of center melon shaped pieces and they are cut from the same square of fabric???   Searched with no luck so I start digging though my batik stash and found a small piece.  WHEW... now is it enough.    When I cut the last piece I needed I had an 1/8" extra , talk about close!
I was surprised at how motivated I became on this project again once I posted it on the blog...I wonder what other projects I have that need to be exposed?
I was asked what pattern this was so here is a picture. It is called Winners Bouquet but Atkinson Designs and it comes the the acrylic templates for cutting the pieces. They were so easy to use.

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  1. OMG Kathy, I've got to try that motivational technique of yours!!!

    It's a great pattern!

    'Well done Speedy' I feel bad but I have been to work this week!!

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland