Monday, November 22, 2010

Iron Rant

That's right my $150 Rowenta iron is in the garbage!!  GRRR!  When I was sewing on Friday I noticed a few drops of water off the bottom of the iron so I quickly unplugged it as it looked like it was coming from the area around the cord.   I few minutes later when I came back to look at it my ironing pad was soaking wet! All the water had drained out of the iron onto my ironing pad!!  Double GRRRR!   I bought this iron a year and a half ago and I had heard the stories about how some Rowenta's leak but usually the ones made in China.  This one is made in Germany.  So off to Walmart I went and got a new $40 T-Fal iron.  I like the T-Fal irons, that is what I had before the Rowenta and I know they will last more than 1 1/2 years!

I have been busy quilting but most of what I have been working on are clients christmas gifts and since I was told by a follower that she caught her hubby checking out my blog one night I though I better be careful what I post!  Too funny!

I updated our guild's blog this morning ( link on the left sidebar), lots of great quilts to see there. We had a retreat and you can see my project there.  Also added a post about the great Trunk show we had by two past presidents at our Nov meeting. 

Here is a peek at what I was piecing when my iron crapped out.  The fabric collection is called Let it Snow by Moda and since we now have a lot of snow here I was in the mood to cut it up and get this quilt made.  I'll show you more once I get it quilted in December.


  1. Sorry to hear about your "dying" iron. No quilter or sewer can be without an iron. Mine never seem to last more than a year. Why is it that irons seem to quit just as a person is in the middle of a project? C

  2. Kathy, I'm sorry your iron went kaput! My mom purchased the same iron for me ... quiet a nice birthday gift last year .... and the same thing happened! I couldn't believe it! I now use the Reliable Iron and ... knock on wood ... I'm having pretty good success with it so far. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I need a new iron and was considering buying that brand. Hummmm.....I guess from the comments, maybe I will try another. I love the "Let it Snow" fabric you are working with. Can't wait to see what the finished project will be. Have fun!!

  4. I feel your frustration: I am on my fourth Rowenta. I took the third apart to see why they leak and if it could be repaired. There is a gasket that is breaking down in them causing the leaking. I don't think it would be fixable BUT perhaps we should all complain to Rowenta and they will stop using such crummy gaskets. And yes, I bought another. On Ebay, half price. This one drips, but it still steams and presses better than anything else I've tried.

  5. I own three Rowentas - on every single one of them, they drip UNLESS I first turn the steam OFF and completely turn OFF the iron - then add water. It's kind of a pain to do it, yes, but it has always worked on mine.