Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Luckiest Longarmer...That's Me!

I can't believe my run of luck with beginner quilters.  When my client brought me this quilt she said it was her first quilt.  This is a pretty ambitious first quilt and she is obviously a natural.  She also knows how to pick complementary colors for a quilt as well, and in batiks!!  It rolled onto my frame beautifully and I just can't help but brag at how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing quilters.  Must be something in our northern air!  

After looking at this quilt for a few minutes I suddenly realized that the blocks were from our local quilt store BOM project in 2005.  I have quilted about 5 of these quilts so far and have another one on my list for January.  But done in batiks looks like a completely different quilt.

I used my Whirlygig pantograph with light sage green thread to blend with the batik colors.


  1. Beautiful piecing and quilting. This may be your client's first quilt but I am sure it won't be her last. Kathy you have worked magic again. A

  2. I absolutely love the yellow in this quilt, it really pops! This quilt looks amazing and I'm sure your client was thrilled to pick it up.

  3. That is pretty and good choice for that quilting design!