Friday, November 5, 2010

November is Going to Be Busy!

This week I quilted a few baby quilts for a client. You may remember this quilt in pink from a few months ago, now here is her blue version.  It just cries for custom quiting, it's so cute! 
I have also been sewing costumes for the local production of Alice in Wonderland and they have 5 girls playing Alice. 5 Alices equals 5 Alice costumes!    I made 3 of the blue dresses for Alice and 5 Alice aprons.  I am glad to have helped but that is about all the time I can give to this project as November is my busiest month for quilting.  I take December off so try to squeeze in as may quilts as I can in November.

Here is another one of my clients baby quilts and I used my new Hearts Galore pantograph.

And another that I stippled and looped around the 3D pinwheels.

Tomorrow our guild will be raffling our Irish Chain quilt at the local craft sale.  I think I'll be buying a few tickets on this one as it is a real beauty.


  1. Kathy, as always, your work is beautiful. You've fit so much work into so little time! Wow!! Great for you and good luck with the raffling of the quilt. It's gorgeous!

  2. Kathy,

    You do beautiful work! We share some of the same panto choices. My favorite choice for quilting! Thanks for your comments!