Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back from Spring Break

The kids were on Spring Break last week so we drove down to Saskatoon for a few days of shopping.  I did a good job supporting all the quilt shops we stopped at but it is hard to really do damage to the credit card when the family is waiting for you in the car!   I picked up the X Block rulers and book so hope to give that a try this next month and introduce it to the guild.  They are very similar to the Twister rulers but you start with a 9 patch and then cut.

I am looking forward to getting back to quilting this week.  The Shack is full of quilts ready for my attention so I can get back to quilting posts and not just posting about my dyeing projects.

The picture above is another one of my attempts at Mandala dyeing that I did a week ago.  Tim build me a new screen for snow dyeing and it works much better for the folded Mandala. It is 35" by 25" and on 6" legs.  I was trying for darker colors and mixed the dye in the snow is time.  It is hard to image what the end result will be when your looking at what looks like a large fuzzy yellow/red/navy catepillar!  :)

The two smaller pieces of fabric I folded to get a star image and the first one turned out much nicer than the second one.  I didn't have the folds tied tight enough on the second one.

I really like how the yellow dye interacted with the red on the large Mandala as it has almost has a flame like design.


  1. That is so cool and nicely done! My granddaughter has had me dying clothing and pieces of fabric with her. We both need lots of practise, but it is fun to see what the results will be. C

  2. Have fun with the X blocks, what pattern did you choose? I chose the posies it was one the the easier ones for the group. My ladies are older and have a hard time with color, and fabric, and machine, well it will be a interesting!!!
    Just love your fabrics,

  3. Kathy, your "Mandela on Ice" looks great! Looking forward to seeing what the X Block rulers will produce. G

  4. I have never heard of the X Block ruler, can't wait to see the results!!
    Karen H