Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 Minute Block

This is Lori's Ten Minute Block quilt and she asked for a simple free hand water design and just an echo in the brown curved diamond shapes.  This is a really fast quilt to make and I have included a link to the YouTube video with instructions.

Lori hand dyed the backing but it was a tone on tone print that didn't really match the design on the front.  So she said to use the solid back side instead.  When I went to quilt it I had to double check with her that she wanted me to use the back of the backing for the back..... :)
I felt like I was loading it wrong on the machine which was the right way this time.

The quilt retreat was great and I am glad I have Sunday to recover..I didn't get home until 11pm last night :)
So this is what I accomplished

I finished sewing the curves down on my Mexican Star.

Almost finished one of my boys twin size quilts but still need to decide on the borders.

And I also got a start on my Hopscotch quilt. Still along way to go on that one.

Humm...I don't think I can just leave this at that stage.  I think I know what I'll be sewing tonight.


  1. It was a great two days with so many wonderful projects started, worked on, and completed!!! And you're right it is good to have today to rest up!!! E

  2. Your mexican star came out beautiful, i just happened to see that same pattern on Sew Batik. They have 4 different color schemes, I liked them all!! Think I will go back on the web site and pick one out! Looks like you were very productive thanks for the pics!!
    Karen H

  3. Kathy, can't decide which I like most ... all of your work is beautiful!!

  4. Everything is gorgeous. I feel so lazy after reading your posting :)I think I would like to try out the first quilt.

  5. Gorgeous quilting! Really compliments the quilt!! You got a lot accomplished on your retreat! Mexican Star is so pretty!!