Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is Sheri's quilt and I had to tease her that she has mastered this pattern as this is the 4th Hopscotch quilt she has brought.   She promised the next one she brings me will be different :)  I have made one of these quilts and it is a great 'go to' pattern so I know why she likes it so much.

I wanted to take a few pictures by the tamarack trees as they are a beautiful yellow right now.  Most of the trees have lost their leaves here and the only yellow in our landscape now is from them.  So there is a reason I called my business Tamarack Shack as my yard is lined with tamarack trees.

I used a new panto on her quilt called Wisteria by Urban Elementz.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Just stopping by to say how much I like your blog. I love how you photograph your finished quilts. They always look so gorgeous.


  2. oh wow I really like that quilt very nice-good quilt design for it too.

  3. OH I see that is how you came up with your name-clever!

    Love the quilt design on this one as usual;)

  4. I think that panto is so pretty on that quilt! The quilt is gorgeous too! I love the deep colors of the fabric.

    I love how you came up with your name. Very creative!!

  5. I have this pattern, also - and now you've made me remember to pull it out! What a beautiful job - quilting, piecing and photography!

  6. Perfect choice of quilting pattern.