Monday, October 17, 2011

Mystery Quilt #11

Yes we are up to #11 on the Mystery quilts, can you tell this was a popular project with our guild members?

This is Val's quilt and it is a birthday gift for her granddaughter. She had asked for a panto design but when I saw it had so much potential to show off some quilting in the border fabric I convinced her to let me do light custom quilting. All I had to do was draw out Desley's feather plume border design and she agreed!  I have been wanted to try this feather border design since I saw it here on Desley's blog.

I then adapted the border design to fit in the star.

Val had taken my Free Motion Class a few weeks ago and did amazing with her free hand loops so I had to quilt loops in the smaller border to celebrate her doing so well in my class.

I need to design a motif for the centres in the outer border and came up with a curly heart with a few feathers.  Instead of trying to backtrack on this design I tried to echo a 1/8" along the design to give it a different effect as I was using variegated King Tut thread.  That was a bit tricky but created a nice effect.


  1. I love what you did in the centre of the borders. It would make a great centre of block design. You might see it turn up on one of my quilts one day...

  2. I love it all but especially the pink floral stars!

  3. border feather!! Beautiful job!