Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mystery Quilt #10 and a Look Back

This is Phyl's Mystery quilt and her autumn fabrics are good representation of the fall colours we are surrounded by right now.  I used a brown variegated Lava thread and the Curlz panto, the same one I used on the guild Bargello quilt but this time I see a windy design to go with her autumn colours and leaf print fabrics.

I thought since I am up to number ten on quilting the guild members Mystery quilts I would do a recap of all the quilts to show you how different one pattern can look done up in different fabrics. 
*edited to add a reminder that the pattern we used is called Stars for Audrey and it is not designed as a mystery, we just turned it into one*

Alene - Feather Curls
Maxine - Plush
Rae - Custom
Lynn - Taro
Evelyn - Custom
Eileen - Starlight
Marg - Whirlygig
Sasheen - Spiral Squares
Yvonne - Hollyberry
Phyl - Curlz


  1. Beautiful quilts - and each so different! Just goes to show you how each quilt is a unique work! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Each look so different from one another. All beautiful.

  3. You may have already answered this but who is the designer of this mystery? I meet with a group monthly and in December we tackle a mystery...this sure would be a fun one. Thanks for showing them all together.