Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Takes Two - Part 7

Here is part 7 of the Just Takes Two project I have been participating in.  I didn't post part 6 as it only had two blocks and I had an 'issue' with one of them.  The block used templates and I hate templates.  I kept cutting out the fabric without the seam allowance so I gave up and will probably try again when I am more focused on the task.   Part 7 had a block that was suppose to be hand appliqued and I enjoy hand applique but just don't have the time right now so fused it on and I will machine applique later.  Just need to keep up so I don't give up on the project.

We were enjoying nice weather this week.... until today!   It's a bit of a snowstorm out right now and our power has been off most of the day. On Friday we were finally seeing the sand path in the front yard and today....well we woke up to the white stuff and it had been coming down all day.

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