Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out of the Blue Quilt

This is Lorna's Out of the Blue quilt and it is made from the pattern Out of the Blue by Blue Meadow Designs.  She made it for a little boy who's father is a pilot.  Since it is for a child I like to keep the quilting light so they have a soft quilt to cuddle with.

Edited * This pattern is no longer available as the design company is no longer in business. Please do not email me asking for the pattern as my client sold it to the first blog reader that asked back in 2012*

I did simple wavy lines to add motion in the sky and echoed the clouds to give them a fun cartoon feel.

The border was a bit of a challenge as it was hard to see where I was going when I was quilting, I matched the green thread too well! 

I thought since the outer border was green that it needed grass and trees on it and then a little airplanes flying loop-de-loops above the trees.  I used a stencil of a tree and repeated that design around the quilt.


  1. The quilt looks lovely, and your quilting is fabulous! It is perfect for the quilt. Love the trees!

  2. Cute quilt & great quilting Kathy!

  3. Wow...I love how you quilted it!

  4. Adorable! A sweet quilt and the machine quilting choices are perfect.

  5. I like the simplicity of this quilt... bright colors and loosely quilted. Kathy, you did a great job of choosing your long arm design! Kudos to Lorna for coming up with such an adorable quilt! G

  6. This is so cute! Love how you quilted it.

  7. Perfect! I like how you limited your quilting to make it extra soft and cuddly for a baby. I have been following your blog for awhile now and love everything you have quilted!! I love all your snow/ice photo shoots. are your quilts.
    Thanks for sharing and I will try to comment more.

  8. Hi Kathy! That plane quilt is just so darn cute, and the quilting really gave it life and movement. I had to smile the second I saw it. Adorable!
    Linda in Cooks Creek

  9. I have been searching for this pattern all over the web. Can you help? It looks like the design company id out of is adorable! Love the quilting!

    1. I would love to have the pattern too! Have you ever gotten a response on this?