Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paper Pieced Trees

This is Gail's quilt and she made it for her husband Larry.  Now Larry is a man with a vision and knew exactly how he wanted his quilt quilted and best of all was very good at communicating what he wanted. Or should I say what he didn't want!  :)   No feather, swirls or curved lines of any kind.  We tried to tempt him to let me do a curved design in the inner beige border but nope, straight line quilting and SITD was what he wanted.  And I am happy to report that both Gail and Larry were very please with the results...and that is probably because Larry hasn't found the feather I quilted into it yet!!    Just kidding Larry, but I was tempted.  :)

Gail paper pieced all these lovely trees and set them in attic window blocks.  


  1. Gorgeous quilt, and it looks fantastic hanging from your porch with the trees in the background.

  2. Kathy, pretty funny write up on the quilt... but hey, Larry did have his preferences. Who would have known he would want to be so involved... ha ha! Really wished you would have hidden a feather somewhere in the quilt. Thanks again for getting it done so quickly!