Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crazy Curves

This is Sandra's Crazy Curves quilt that she made with batik fabrics and designed her own layout.  If you have followed my blog for awhile you may have noticed that batik fabrics and the Crazy Curve templates are very popular with the local quilters.  I have made two quilts using these templates, my Beach quilt and my Raindrops quilt.

I used the panto Tickle and you can see it nicely on the backing.

King Tut on the top and Bottom Line on the bottom.  King Tut can be tricky to work with but I find if it is matched up with Bottom Line it works great.  
At first I wasn't sure if the purple I chose for the backing was right but once I laid a strand of thread out on the backing it blended in beautifully so don't dismiss a color on a cone until you have auditioned a strand of it on the fabrics.


  1. I love the King Tut/Bottom Line combination! The quilting and quilt look great. :)

  2. The purples are so pretty. You did a wonderful job, Kathy with the quilting and thread choices. Looks sooooo pretty!!!

  3. Great panto choice, looks great....

  4. That's usually my favorite thread combination for quilting. Another beautiful quilt...I do love all those batiks!