Friday, February 15, 2013

Curve it Up – Fancy Fans Block #8

Block 8
Here is the latest Curve it Up block- Fancy Fans.   I had used a different green the first time I made this block but didn't like how it looked with the rest of the blocks so picked that fan blade out and added the teal.  Much better.

I don’t think I have mentioned the new Mystery project our guild has just started and will run from January to June.  My friend Lori and I designed this one and it is a two color quilt.   Lori is presenting it to her guild in Dauphin, MB and I’m presenting it at the guild in Flin Flon.   Only problem is that her meeting are two weeks before ours so Lori warned her members that if any of the Flin Flon quilters try to bribe them for info about the project don’t give in!   I wouldn't put it past our members to try something sneaky like that so glad she warned them!  :)
So here is Month One and I hope that everyone participating enjoyed making their 256 HST squares, especially the trimming.   Our next meeting is on Tuesday and I’m sure my guild is very excited to see what the next set of instructions are.

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  1. Holy HSTs!!!!! That's a nice stack! Your Fancy Fans block is beautiful!