Friday, February 1, 2013


This is Marlene’s Flurry quilt and you can find the pattern online for free here.   You will see that the original pattern was made in bright bold modern fabrics but I have to say that Marlene choice of very warm rich xmas fabrics with small prints looks so much nicer to my eye.  Totally changed the feel of the quilt for me and I now have it on my ‘To-Do” list.   I never make xmas quilts so that tells you how much I love this quilt!!
This is going to be a cuddle on the couch quilt so Marlene asked for light quilting.  I tried a new panto to me called Chantilly Lace and now have a new favorite light quilting panto.
Chantilly Lace .2 marlene3
The backing is a gorgeous dark green flannel by Shadow Play. This fabric felt like suede it was so soft and matched the top perfectly.
  It is  –39’c this morning so glad I got these picture taken yesterday when it was only –29’c!  I am just finishing up a second quilt for Marlene but think I’ll be taking some indoor pictures of that one.


  1. This is a great pattern for all those Christmas fat quarters I seem to have accumulated. And that is a great pantograph design - I just quilted my first panto and am starting to see the ease of completing a quilt with this tool. I may have to order a few.....thanks for sharing!

  2. that is a lovely quilt!
    (was wondering how quick you run from your house to the quilting shack??)
    your ice pics are fantastic!!

  3. Love the pattern! Really like the colors she chose. I'm not a huge fan of major bright colors either:) The panto turned out great. I've seen that one on Pinterest, but haven't tried it. That one is a little harder to adapt to free motioning on the domestic. Would probably have to be marked first:(