Sunday, May 12, 2013

Serenade Quilt Top


Hope you are all enjoying a nice Mother’s Day.  I was able to finish piecing my Serenade quilt and have a few pictures to share.

cake2 cake3cake4

You can see the ice is slowly melting and this morning Tim put the canoe in the lake and took me for a paddle while I took pictures!  Saw our neighbourhood muskrat and he was nice to cooperate and sit still for a picture.


  Next we watched the Jack fish ( Northern Pike) swimming around, this one is about 20 “ long.  I was able to put my new polarized filter to work as this allows me to take great pictures of the fish without getting glare off the surface of the water.

jackfish reduced

Then we watched the Osprey circling overhead.  I love watching them dive down to the water to catch fish but he didn’t do that this time.  We had geese, loons, and one eagle in the bay this morning too but they disappeared before we put the canoe in the water.



  1. О, как же мне нравится ваш блог. Работы просто чудесные. Вы живете в сказке?

  2. Hi!! Love the top that you are making!! It`s a very nice blok!! I think you live further north than I!? Anne, Oslo Norway:-)

  3. love the quilt top - but really love the photo of the wildlife - your area of the country sure is beautiful - I see your ice is almost gone - seeing the photos is the next best thing to being there

  4. Lovely top! I'll miss seeing the quilts on ice. I am sure you look forward to the ice melting so you can have some warmer weather.

  5. Lovely wildlife pictures. The quilt top is very soothing. I can imagine taking a long nap under it. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Love how the quilt top looks. Can't wait to see it quilted. I really enjoy all your pictures. Nice to see most of the ice is gone. We live in Ontario and had a "Hail Blizzard" today but it didn't stay.

  7. Quilt top lovely, when you quilt it will be even more lovely.

    You sure live in the most beautiful place. I can't believe how quickly the ice has gone.



  8. Love the quilting shots, always, but love the wildlife photos even more. Keep sharing.

  9. wow!!! your ice is melting fast. Love your paddling trip - thanks for sharing those GREAT photos!!!