Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bento Box Quilt


This is Melba’s Bento Box quilt and she used animal print fabrics with a black background.  Now I’m not usually drawn to animal prints as I find them busy but pieced in this pattern they look really good.  I like that each print is surrounded by the black fabric and not touching the other prints.  Melba brought wool batting and we decided on Fascination for a simple panto design.  I found a tutorial at the Quilts of Love blog on how to make this block, Margaret did a great job on this tutorial and you can check it out here.

melba2 melba3melba4


  1. Perfect pattern for animal prints. I have a pile of those just waiting for a quilt. I may make that my next project.

  2. Groovy quilt!!!
    Can't get over how quickly your scenery has changed! That snow sure did go quick.



  3. Nice! Been looking and making a photoshop image of quilts for an african animal theme for my mother to make my wife and I. This might just be the one, going to show it to my wife in the morning to see if she likes it better than what we have picked out. Thanks and Great Job with this, it's an awesome quilt and along the ideas I'v got.