Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three Little Quilts


I had some fun quilting three baby quilts for Debbie this week.  The first two are identical and made with Minkie fabrics on the top and back.  Debbie was very smart and left her seam allowances 1/2” and pressed them open.  The larger seam allowance kept the seams open so there was no extra bulk at the seams making the quilting easy.   I used Dream Puff batting and quilted them with two different pantos, Plush and Popcorn.   These were the softest baby quilts I have ever quilted, the combination of Minkie and Puff is fantastic! 

deb7 deb3

These first two quilts have a wonderful story that Debbie shared with me.  They are for twin boys that were carried by the mom’s sister as the mom tried for seven years to have children but was unsuccessful.  What a wonderful thing for a sister to do.

The third quilt was a pink flannel quilt that Debbie purchased as a kit.  The pattern is Zippidy Do Da by Blue Meadow Designs but unfortunately this company has closed so you can no longer buy their patterns.   I have had many readers ask how to find Blue Meadows pattern when they have seen some of their other quilt patterns on my blog.   I’ve done the research and unfortunately you can’t buy them anywhere that I know of.  I used Dream Blend Batting and the Daisies Galore panto.

deb4 deb5 deb6


  1. You have done a great job quilting!

  2. great quilt once again - looks like the snow is rapidly melting!