Sunday, February 23, 2014

Autumn Table Runner


I don’t get a lot of small projects to quilt for others as I do encourage my local quilters to quilt those themselves to keep up their quilting skills.  But I won’t turn them away as they are fun to custom quilt and are quick to do!   This is Phyl’s Autumn table runner and she used a great colourful leaf print fabric as the focus.pb6

I started by quilting the straight lines in the outer border and left the space in the center until the end.  I knew I wanted to match the design to what I used in the center but I had not decided what I was going to quilt in the background yet.  I then SID all the star blocks and found a few small stencils to use in the center of the stars and transferred the designs using my Pounce pad.   Then I CC’s the points in the stars to soften the design and tie it in with the curves in the stencil motifs.  I added the curl design in the back ground and then added that into the center of the outer border to finish that design.

pb2 pb3

I used So Fine beige thread on top and So Fine brown on the backing.


I’m glad Phyl chose a solid brown backing as it really shows off the quilting designs nicely.  It was also very windy out and the small quilt keep flipping over on me!