Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Six Nine Quilt


Here is another one of Phyl’s quilts, this one is called Three Six Nine by The Quilt Company.  I don’t know the fabric line but the colors and prints have a South-western feel.    I chose Happy Times for the panto, a gold coloured So Fine thread and Dream Blend batting.


A few days ago I saw one of the neighbourhood dogs walking with a white rabbit in her mouth!  I haven’t noticed any rabbit trails in my yard since then so I think my bunny is gone!  :(    There has also been lots of activity along our shoreline, I think the dogs have been chasing another rabbit or marten.

pb3 pb4


  1. Do you use the same thread in the bobbin, too?

  2. Beautiful. Phyl is going to love her quilt. Great job, Kathy.

  3. Kathy: This week's quilts are absolutely gorgeous! thank you so much for plowing through
    the snow to photograph these quilts.
    How many hours do you spend quilting each day? And how do you maintain a healthy body
    with repetitive motions from the quilting machine? Do you take scheduled breaks throughout the
    day or just when you start to feel tired?

  4. Beautiful Quilt and panto really compliments it nicely

  5. looks great! Small world....The Quilt Co. is a local quilt shop here in Pittsburgh. I was just there yesterday.