Monday, August 18, 2014

Pillows Done!


The Crafty Beaver and Midnight Wolf are now quilted and made into pillows!  I used 18” pillow forms instead of the 16” they recommend.   I think they turned out very cute and will make great xmas gifts.  Can’t believe I just said xmas gifts, I’m never that organized this early!  :)

pillow2 pillow3 pillow4


  1. They are such cute pillows!! :)

  2. Such a ridiculously cute pair of cushions! You chose the perfect background fabrics to compliment these two. Well done!

  3. Love, love, love them! They almost call out for snuggling!

  4. LOL, they look great out sunning themselves on your bench! So cute.

    I believe that you said "Christmas presents," because I've been saying it too lately. The amazing thing is that yours are DONE!

  5. those pillows are adorable. Goodness who doesn't want to lay their head down on that cozy quilty goodness. Oh my xmas already???? Say it ain't so, where does the time go?