Saturday, August 9, 2014

Midnight Wolf


I picked up a couple of cute pillow kits when I was in Winkler, MB at a great quilt shop called Road 17 N.  This pattern is called Midnight Wolf by the Robinson Pattern Company.  They have a website here and you can see the Beaver and Fox pillow patterns as well.   I had time to appliqué the Wolf one this morning and it is made with Minkie.  I have never appliquéd with Minkie before but it went well and I just used a small zig zag stitch and used a batik for the background.  I do plan on quilting it and making a pillow but I do not have any pillow forms on hand.



  1. Love this little wolfie! And the other patterns too. Did you get all three? I bet the Minkie looks wonderful on these in real life. Fun project!